Daily Prompt: Slight

This universe is conspiring against me. Dangling carrots, each amazing possibility. Here, look at this. You can touch it if you please. But let it go by morning, watch it as it leaves. A supernatural slight of hand. A karmic confusion from beginning to end. ~Kristen 5/14/2018 via Daily Prompt: Slight

I’ve Got Nothing

Hi guys. It's been a little while. I'm trying to write everyday, but as you can probably guess, most of it is in a journal and not published here. I am still trying to figure out what I want to say. And I've got nothing. My computer crashed last week. It felt like someone lopped …

Why I Write

I recently read a post on another blog platform regarding the reasons people write. Of course I read about the reasons we all know, such as for money, for fame, or as an outlet for mental health. But reading the post and the quotes shared, I began thinking of why I write. I cannot pinpoint …


Blaring music, drowning pain, Listless reverie, pouring rain.  Driving carelessly toward open road.  Inevitably, she knows his memory will explode. Into the darkness, she drives out of town.  Escaping those memories that have worn her down. ┬ęKRuchalskiWriter 2017