Monday Morning Ready!

Good morning all. I know it’s been a while since I posted anything or read any blogs. My health has been my primary focus lately. Brain surgery in 23 days!! But, while I’ve been basically bedridden, I have been doing a lot of thinking.

I have a million ideas for projects, community involvement, books I want to write, and opinion pieces I want to write. However, my brain is total mush!

Any suggestions for organizing my thoughts and getting these projects underway? 🤔

10 Days Later!

Hello all,

I need to apologize for once again not making time for my blog. I have been wrapped up in medical issues, holiday rush, and trying my hardest to break into the wild world of freelance writing. Oh boy, is this harder than I thought?!?!

I posted this morning on a new platform. I thought I would try it out. I do not plan to leave wordpress, not at all! However, I thought I would try something new and different.

Tomorrow I will visit the surgeon for results of a biopsy. One that has me scared beyond belief. Perhaps once this scare is over things will be easier on me. Or perhaps it will be bad news and my writing will take an entirely new direction.

We shall see.