Monday Morning Ready!

Good morning all. I know it’s been a while since I posted anything or read any blogs. My health has been my primary focus lately. Brain surgery in 23 days!! But, while I’ve been basically bedridden, I have been doing a lot of thinking.

I have a million ideas for projects, community involvement, books I want to write, and opinion pieces I want to write. However, my brain is total mush!

Any suggestions for organizing my thoughts and getting these projects underway? 🤔



Hi everyone,

So, I’ve been working more on my book. Not nearly as much as I should be, to be honest. But I think I know why I have struggled with it so much. I really feel that the topic of the book is such a taboo subject, it may not be received well in certain groups. That frightens me! Majorly frightens me. But I have to get out of my comfort zone. I have to write the story that I have in my head (and heart) and get it out there. Who cares if it’s not for everyone? Who cares if I am judged for the topic of choice? Many authors before me have been judged for what they choose to write. Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, or otherwise.

I have to realize I am not writing for everyone. I am writing for me. I am writing because I have a story I want to tell. It is a healing process for me. A way to get the story inside of me out. And just because certain groups may not approve of the character or her motives, there will be some groups that will. This story may be what a lonely, broken soul needs to read in order to realize she is not alone in this world. Perhaps that is my purpose here on this Earth-to help others realize they are not their mistakes.

Back to writing…..have a great day!


Novel, Novel….Where are you?

Ha! There you are you sneaky little bugger! I’ve got you now.

That’s right folks. This girl is back in her groove! I cannot wait to get more added, but I’m quite pleased with what I have done so far tonight. Do you realize I wrote more of my novel tonight than I have the past 2 months?!?! It is probably going to snow, people. Well, I just wanted to check in and let you all know that I am back at it. More excerpts to come soon. But I can’t give it all away, then you all wouldn’t go buy my book.

Speaking of buying my book….Did you know I published a book of poetry lately? Visit my home page, check out the side bar (right side) and follow the link. Once there, click on add to cart, then checkout. After putting in your method of payment, Amazon will ship it to you right away!

Good night lovelies!


Changes for the Coming Year


Hello everyone,

I’ve made some changes to my site for the coming year. I am trying to better organize my blog, which meant importing everything from my original blog into this one. My original blog was more of a secret while I gained confidence in my writing. Now, I think I’ve become more confident and have decided to join the two blogs into one. I think I have done it and I hope it’s right! I had never done that before so it was all a learning process.

I’ve never been one for New Year’s Resolutions. But I need to start. I’m going to focus more time on writing. All of it. My poetry, my novel, my blogs, my freelance work, my college studies. I am going to begin scheduling when I do certain things. If I block out certain times for certain things, I think that will help me become more organized and thus, more productive.

The book sales have slacked off a bit, so I’m trying to come up with better marketing techniques. Freelance work is going okay. I’m getting back what I’m putting in….which hasn’t been much to be honest.

I will complete my B.S. in Psychology the end of February….Yay, go me!!! I have a University in mind for my Master’s program, but I may continue to weigh my options. With my GPA, I think schools should be fighting for me!! Not to toot my own horn or anything, but TOOOOOT!!!

Well, that’s the update. I am now writing everything using my own name, without hiding my identity. I am proud of how far I’ve come and I cannot wait to see how far I can go.

Goodnight folks,


The Day Needs More Hours!

Good morning all,

I wish there were more hours in a day! We all wish for that, don’t we? I feel like no matter how hard I try to plan, I can never accomplish all that I set out to do each day. Between school work, my new freelancing gig, and my family, I have about 4 hours not filled with anything. And if it’s okay, I’d like to sleep during that time!

I have not had any time for writing my novel and not a bit of time for my blogs. Which hurts my heart. These things are important to me. Sadly, I cannot focus on them as much as I would like. Who knew transcribing audio files would take up so much time?!?!

I’m doing what I have to do, however, to make a little extra cash. Kids are damn expensive little creatures, aren’t they? Love their hearts!But it’s Christmas, so all other things take a back burner while I ensure they have what they want.

Maybe book sales will rise soon. Perhaps people are now telling their friends, who are telling other friends. Or perhaps the number I’ve sold now will be it. Perhaps the sales are done. I will have to accept that. And ya know what? I’m pretty proud of my accomplishment. I can actually say I’m published. Even if it was self-published, it still counts in my book!

Well I better get to my to-do list. I will probably only complete half of it anyway. Cannot waste any more time!


Book Sales: What I’m doing right!

Evening lovely people! So I decided to annoy the crap out of my friends again on facebook. Another humorous status to attempt to sell my book. Guess what! It worked. At least a little. I sold two more this evening! I’m no New York Times Bestseller, but I’m selling freakin’ books!!!

Not to mention, I am getting great compliments on the book. From cover design to content, people are loving it! Not to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT!!! HAHAHA. Sorry. I’m feeling pretty proud though. The cover art is my photo and all content, of course, is mine. It’s all my work and I’m earning money from it. So that means I can do it. I can live my dream.

Log cabin…..fireplace crackling…..lake behind my house….mountains in the distance…. Yeah, my dreams are closer than I realize. Time to get this novel written.

See ya later, maybe.


Late Night Thoughts: Book Sales

So as all of my friends and family receive their copies of my book in the mail, they are taking pics of the book and posting it to facebook. My aunt (Dad’s sister), who was the first to receive hers, even wrote a long review and rave of my book on fb, which included the names of her 3 favorite poems. Tonight, my uncle (Mom’s brother) posted photos to show that he had received his copy and even a picture of his favorite poem. Friends, some that I have never actually met in person, are supporting my dreams along with my family.

However, something just hit me tonight. These people, from all walks of life, are finding something they enjoy within my writing. I am touching the hearts of young, old, male, female, American, Canadian, and the list goes on!! That is so incredible to me!

Yes, I know that family may be biased. But they could just write a simple note saying they got it and even lie and say they loved it. These lovelies are finding something in this book that brings back feelings in themselves. Feelings that they may have felt were only their own.

It sometimes helps, as people, to know we are not alone. It helps to see that others feel the same things, good and bad. It puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? It sure has for me.

Good night all.


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