Heart Break

How long can one heart break? How much time is this supposed to take? To forget his eyes? To stop craving his kiss? Why is he the one I miss? Why can't I just move on? I know our past is over and gone. Why does he still haunt my dreams? Why do I long …

Why I get to hate you.

I wanted to reblog this because it touched me so deeply. I do not know the writer… Just found this blog entry on fb and went through all kinds of hoops just to find her page. I applaud her and every single parent doing the dirty work while others get to sit back and reep the benefits. This was me 10 years ago and I wish I could say it gets easier… It doesn’t. But I can say that my “little” girl sees all that I have done for her and in my heart I know that one day I will be rewarded for my efforts as her mommy. Hang in there honey! Keep on loving your daughter with everything you have!

A girl and her thought

It’s hard growing up without a father but it’s easier when you have a fantastic mother playing both roles. –unknown

Most days I love my crazy life but I’m human and some days I wonder. Being a mother is suppose to complete you but when you’re doing it by yourself sometimes you feel alone. Being a mom is the hardest thing I’ll ever do but it’s the most rewarding title I’ll ever have.

I have a three-year old daughter. She has the most life I’ve ever seen from anyone. Her heart is pure, her mind is fresh, her life is blissful. My baby has no idea what it is to hate and what it is to love. Sadly, I do.

Some days I hate you more than others. How is it that one man can have so much responsibility but not actually tend to it? How come you get to…

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Will You Love Me?

Will you love me when the beauty fades, and mother nature takes her toll? When father time peppers my hair and leaves lines across my face? Will you love me just the same, when the years pass and I forget my own name? When the sun has kissed my face more times than enough? When …