"That's so cliché". Why is that a bad thing? Sure we all want to be extraordinary and original. But seriously. We're writers. We write. We may have our own styles, our own methods. But in the end, what is it we seek? What are we all after? We have these blogs to get our work …

Marketing is Hard!

So I wrote a book....self-published....and now the issue of marketing is the biggest struggle!! I have marketed relentlessly on my personal facebook page, which I'm sure is driving my friends CRAZY!!  Now I'm not sure what else to do. I've considered a few options but none seem feasible. Can anyone offer some suggestions? How about …

Good morning!! 

Good morning all! Are you writing today? What gives you inspiration? And how do you stay focused?  Unfortunately, I'm working on a project today for school. It's due tonight. And I'm not even halfway through. Ugh. Writing will come soon... I hope.  Have a beautiful day!  ~Kristen 


Collection of Poetry, Available in Paper Back and on Kindle    Finally here!  I am so overwhelmed with emotion right now. I faced my fear and put myself out there. And here it is. Just wow!!!