Anxiety’s Bitch

This medical alert bracelet, like a handcuff.
Holding me to a past I didn’t want.
Condemning me to a future I don’t deserve.
Vibrant, energetic, and strong.
My health was ripped away without warning.
This can’t be real. They must be wrong.
I didn’t deserve this.
I want me back.
I want my life.
Is this karma for a past life?
A body I can no longer depend on.
What has happened to me?
Where have I gone?
Trapped inside.
Head spinning.
Heart racing.
I’m my anxiety’s bitch.
I cower.
I fall.
Time and again I’m reminded of the loss.
Someone help me.
This bitch won’t shut up.
She’s screaming at me, reminding me I’m not the same anymore.
Repeating thoughts.
Negative words.
Go away.
Leave me alone.
Fuck, just let me go back to the way I used to be.

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