Right Here Waiting

Always waiting, hoping.

Wishing there was something more.

Take it for what it is, no matter how little I get of you.

A glance, a smile, or sex.

But never your whole heart.


Will I ever get that?

It’s beyond my reach.

I can’t seem to understand why.

I reason with you.

I try to show you what makes sense between us.

You just shake your head, brush it off.

We won’t ever be over one another.

We search for the connection we share in every other person.

It’s never there.

It won’t be there.

Because it’s here.

It’s between us.

One day I will let this dream go.

Resolve this desire to fall into your arms.

But I’m afraid of that day.

That day will be the day you finally see that this, us, we were meant to be.

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