Life After Brain Surgery: I’m Fat

So I know that I’ve been basically sedentary since my surgeries, and the loads of steroids they pumped into my body probably didn’t help. But OMG why did it take seeing my x-rays for me to see how fat I am? You guys, fat shows up differently on an x-ray. You can see the difference between bone, flesh, and the layer of fat. It’s disgusting.

They seriously need to clear me for exercise. And also figure out this stomach pain so that exercise won’t be 1000 times more painful than it already will be. I have got to make some changes. I already started changing my eating habits but obviously I need to do more than that. I have a cruise with my sisters this summer. I cannot go to all of these beautiful beaches this big. NOPE!


2 Replies to “Life After Brain Surgery: I’m Fat”

  1. The first thing is to make a decision for health reasons. Your body is amazing, and although you hurt, it is your vessel carrying you through these difficult times. Be kinder to yourself my lovely! You’ve just had surgery, remember that! The more you judge yourself, the more you’ll think others are doing the same. Your body fat doesn’t define you, your soul is beautiful ♥️

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