Life After Brain Surgery: Therapeutic Thoughts

Often at night, I find that soaking in a bubble bath is helpful for me. It helps ease some of the muscle tension I have from surgery. But it also allows me to lay in silence alone with my thoughts. Most times, while the bath water fills, I cup my hands under the running water. Sometimes it’s to feel the warmth of water, sometimes it is to appreciate the sheer power of rushing water. Many times, both.

Tonight, while watching the lava-hot water flow into my cupped hands then down between my wrists to the tub waiting below, I had a thought.

I noticed that the flow changes from side to side. A few seconds it flowed over the palm of my left hand. Then a few seconds it would flow over the palm of my right had. A mere second or two in the center. It perplexed me for a moment because I knew I wasn’t causing the water to change sides. My hands were not moving; not changing the way I was receiving the water into my hands.

Well then I realized that not only was the water pressure changing as it rushed through the pipes and out of the faucet, but it was also changing flow as it mixed with the pooling water in my hands. And that there, that is what got me thinking.

Even though I may not be doing anything differently, life is ever changing around me; thus changing the flow of the water (my emotions). The pressure changes mixed with the events already in my hands can impact how I feel from moment to moment. It is up to me to decide how the pressure and the pooling water are going to cause my emotions to flow. So it is time for change; time to take on this world differently.

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