Life After Brain Surgery: Memory (Part 1)

I cried again tonight. This time for something that I realized had been happening and what I realize is happening now.

So the period of time that I struggled for answers to my health problems was about 3 and a half years. It was June 16, 2015 that I woke up with a headache that didn’t go away. After that, it was more and more problems. Things are looking up now since they finally figured out what was wrong and fixed everything; well almost everything.

What I realized tonight is how much all of the medical issues, many of which were related to my brain, were impacting my memory. It’s like for all that time things were happening around me but Brain was busy with other things. So he just threw those memories into random closets and forgot about them. Now, it’s as if Brain is doing some spring cleaning of his own and finally organizing those memories and filing them away where they should be.

And I am really glad that Brain is finally able to do this. Please don’t get me wrong. The reason I cried is, once again, I realized how much this entire ordeal impacted my life. How many times did I forget important things someone had told me about? How many funny moments got tossed into the dark, dank closet under the stairs instead of being polished and placed on the mantle for easy reach? How many things does Brain need to now sort through? This might take a while.

Each day is another opportunity to get my life back on track. And I’m glad that me and Brain are finally getting on the same page. For a while here lately, I felt like we weren’t even in the same book! Well, until next time.


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