Fur Children

How many of y’all have fur kids? I have two cats and if you ask them, they’re the greatest creatures on Earth. OK, I admit, they are super cute. But they are very needy. And they are neediest (is that a word?) in the middle of the night!

Gypsy Girl, my adorable calico, has learned to knock on my door in the middle of the night. I’m not sure how, but she knocks and cries a meow that sounds like Mom. Not surprising there since Murphy (my Norwegian forest cat, we think) also calls me by name. I guess they hear it enough around the house. Once I step out, she loudly greets me and demands my attention. The two of them have now started a routine of doing this and getting my attention for about 10 or 15 mins to play with them and all their toys. OK, so I caved a couple times and now it’s a routine. But still. They started it!

Anyway, they now have this routine and I keep falling into their little trap! Does this happen to anyone else? Or am I the only lucky one? 🤔


**Photo is my precious fur babies sleeping in the afternoon sun.

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