Life After Brain Surgery: Celebrations

I never knew this would be so hard. I never imagined that I would be celebrating such little accomplishments. I am currently crying a mixture of happy and sad tears. Of course I’m still sad because of what I’ve been through, but happy because each little thing I do is a miniature miracle to me. I feel silly celebrating something as simple as cleaning out dresser drawers or starting a homework assignment I had to put off last semester. But you guys, this is major for me!

Any time you go under the knife, you risk not waking up. And neurosurgery is beyond scary. A millimeter in the wrong direction can be catastrophic. I risked catastrophic damage 3 separate times. The fact that I am still here and have suffered no cognitive impairments gives me a feeling of something I can’t even describe to you in words. It only comes out as tears.

Yep. Another emotional day. But this is all normal, I’m told. Even though my emotions are all over the place, I will continue to celebrate all the little things.


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