Early Spring Cleaning

Since I am stuck in the house, I’ve noticed more things that could really use some spring cleaning. Like getting rid of clothes I don’t use that someone else could use. Sorting through books that I’m never going to read because my tastes changed. Or some I’ve read that I’ve decided I can maybe part with. And reorganizing things I am not parting with at this time.

So last night, when insomnia had me in it’s grips, I was watching cheesy teen romance flicks on Netflix. In one of them, the girl was cleaning her room and just tossing things into boxes. That’s what I need to do!!! 😂

After my shower today, when fighting with my dressers to find what shirt I wanted to wear that I could actually find, I decided to just dump them. Just dump the drawers and force myself to have to organize and get rid of things. Well, it worked! I went through my 2 dressers and reorganized what I was keeping and bagged up what is going to the donation bin. A large (contractor size) trash bag is now full of jeans, t-shirts, tanks, shorts, etc.

Tomorrow, maybe I will work on one of the 5 closets that need spring cleaning. 😁


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