Life After Brain Surgery: Work

I have read many comments and posts in my support groups where people return to work a few weeks after MVD surgery. OK, I can sorta see that happening, if one only has that 1 single surgery. But am I weak if I still need more time after my 3 surgeries?

I mean I wanted to be back to working by now, but I’m only 3 weeks post op. Isn’t that a bit soon considering I had 3 surgeries in 6 weeks? I don’t know. I keep going back and forth. I mean I’m still not 100% and I don’t even know what I can handle. I know that simple household chores must be counted and some delegated to the kids when I do too much. Would I really find an employer willing to work with me if I happen to do too much and need to leave early? Not very likely. I don’t have a job to return to as some do. So I can’t just go in with restrictions on what I can do. I can’t expect an employer to hire me with accommodations that may or may not be permanent.

I want to work. I need to support my family. I am just so unsure of what I’m able to do right now. Do I give myself more healing time? Should I start looking for something part time? Perhaps a field that I already know what will be expected of me? Something that isn’t very strenuous?

It’s all up in the air right now. Let’s see how I make it through my to do list this week, and I will reevaluate the situation.

Good night, all.


One Reply to “Life After Brain Surgery: Work”

  1. 3 brain surgeries. Not one, not two but three surgeries, in your head. You are not superwoman. You need to give yourself a break and realize again that you have had 3 brain surgeries. In 6 weeks. Read your article as someone else, would your response be that oh this woman should have been back at work 3 weeks ago or would your response be much like mine? Is this woman crazy? She had 3 invasive surgeries on her brain and thinks she should be up running marathons and taking on the world’s major problems? What the heck? LOL I know exactly which one you will choose. 🙂

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