Life After Brain Surgery: All the “Things”

I’ve begun really counting things. Every single thing I do in a day requires energy. And since I’m limited on that resource right now, I count the things. I manage how many things I do in a day. Showering, that’s a thing. Required daily. Dishes. Cooking. Driving to a store. Walking around a store. Sweeping. Dusting. You get the picture. Every little thing that requires energy is counted.

Now, as someone who has dealt with chronic illness for a long time, I’m already aware of the spoon theory and how if we do too much in one day, we will likely regret it the next day. So we manage how many things each day. I’m not alone in this. Hell, I’ve been doing it for years; just now to a greater degree.

I was somewhat prepared for the lack of energy. My cousin had brain surgery 6 months before me so she filled me in on a lot of things to be prepared for before, during, and after surgery. So grateful for that!

Today, I have reached my limit of things and very possibly used up half of tomorrow’s things. We will see. For now, it’s comfy pjs and a good book.


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