Death Will Find Us All

It is truly a sad time in my life right now. I am not writing this seeking pity or condolences. I am writing this because I have so much to say on the topic of death and how we don’t ever know when it will find us. Today, we buried a 56 year old grandmother. Three months ago, my 34 year old brother-in-law. My poor children (my daughter especially as this was her grandmother today) have seen so much death in their young years. And it makes me ache from deep within my soul.

I have a special place in my heart for children. And to see so many show up to Mrs. Audrey’s funeral today really broke my heart. But it also made me happy to see just how many children she mattered to. Just how many children she helped in so many ways. But that heartache, that grief, will follow these children. As much as we like to think that children are more resilient than us adults, we must recognize that they will forever hold these memories in their hearts, aching and not understanding why they had to endure it at such a young age. They will think, 20 years from now, back on this day and remember the tears and the sobs of those around them. They will remember just how much they loved Mrs. Audrey and all that she did for our little farm family. And for some of them, it will be their first memories of death.

That is truly heartbreaking. To think of how many children will most likely cry at our first horse show of the season. Shows where normally Mrs. Audrey would show up late, barreling up the dirt lane pulling a horse trailer, stopping at the porch to drop off the cooler full of ice for our food stand. The times we will laugh remembering those times and her heart of gold will be the only thing that gets many of us through the upcoming show season.

It is times like now that we reflect back on how we interacted with others. Did we show them enough appreciation? Did we let them know they were loved? I know that I thanked her many times over the years for her love for my daughter. She showed her love in many ways, never faltering, never failing. And my daughter will hold on to those memories forever. I know that I have raised my daughter well and she never let Audrey’s good deeds go unnoticed or unappreciated.

As I sat through the service listening to all of the things said about her, I could only hope that when my time comes, those same things are said of me. I hope that people note my strength and resilience, my love for my children and my family and friends. I hope that by the time death finds me, I have achieved all of my goals and watched my children reach theirs. Death finds us all, but will we be ready?

Kristen A. Ruchalski

5 Replies to “Death Will Find Us All”

  1. It’s so hard to be ready. My ex husband’s mother recently passed. Attending the funeral wouldn’t have been appropriate but I still miss her even though she hasnt been in my life for 7 years…and she is the grandmother for my kids. ❤️


    1. Although I have had my differences with my ex’s now ex, I felt it appropriate to go and show my respects and support my daughter and her siblings on that side. I love them all like my own and needed to show them they have me to lean on. I am sure heads were turning, especially since we live in such a small, high gossip area. But I was there for my daughter and her Niney.

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      1. And now I realize how confusing all of this must be. So my daughter’s father was married for 11 years. His ex wife had a daughter already and they had a son together. So, the lady we buried today was the mother of my daughter’s former step mother. And who my daughter still considered her grandmother even though there was no blood relation and the marriage ended a few years back. Does that make sense? I’m sorry if I seemed confusing there. LOL

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  2. So sorry to hear about your loss. As you said kids will forever have this memory, a painful one at that. But I think it would hurt them more if they hadn’t been able to go. A friend of mine’s kids weren’t allowed at her funeral. The funeral of their own mother. Sure they were under the age of 5 but still, they are going to hold on to the fact that they never got to say goodbye. ♡

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