The Next Year of My Life

We all know that on New Year’s Eve, everyone makes resolutions for what they intend to change in the coming year. I think that’s interesting, but it doesn’t make sense to me. It’s not your next year, it’s just the next year. Your next year begins the day after your birthday. That is technically the next year of YOUR life.

Well today is my birthday. So I have been thinking about what I want to do differently in MY next year. For my next year I have a few things that need to change. So I have compiled a list.

  • More gym time. Stop making excuses and go.
  • Less saying yes, more saying no.
  • More me time.
  • More writing.
  • More positive thinking.
  • Go to bed at a decent hour.

Now let me explain. I was going to the gym pretty regularly. Then I got sick with the flu. I kept putting it off then it became a thing of the past. I want to go back. Less saying yes, more saying no. This is because I am constantly being asked by everyone to go here, go there, do this, do that. I always say yes in order to please everyone else. But then it cuts into my time. SO NO MORE! I need me time. I need time for my obligations.

Going to bed at a decent hour may help me get up earlier. That will also give me more “me” time. And more writing time. I try to remain positive. But chronic illnesses are a bitch. Seriously. I’m hurting all the time anymore. It’s like the good days are few and far between.

This was an actual fortune of mine. So it just fit.

I am focusing on school right now as I look for the perfect job. But tonight I will finish my school work early, go to bed, and pray that I can get up early in the morning. Then, once the kids go to school, it’s the gym for me. When I get back home from the gym I can do more school work. This weekend will be busy celebrating my birthday with friends and family; they insisted. But tomorrow is the first day of my next year and I plan to make it great.

What’s your plan for your next year when you finish your current trip around the sun?


3 Replies to “The Next Year of My Life”

  1. You had me… until that whole reasonable bedtime nonsense. As much as I try, I am not about that life. Except maybe tonight… who I am kidding I will be sending you messages wee into the night like I always do. And then we will both be complaining in the morning 😀 But I do like the idea of resolutions starting on your birthday instead. So that means technically I can RE-START my resolutions and may actually accomplish more of them 😀

    All jokes aside. I know that you can do this!

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