Country Songs: The Real Struggle

So, I was thinking…there seems to be a country song for everything. Hear me out. I really think this is worth thinking about. How many scenarios are covered by country music?

  • Partying with friends
  • Helping friends
  • Falling in love
  • Breaking up
  • Getting revenge after breaking up
  • Seeing that person after the breakup, especially with someone else
  • Losing loved ones
  • Cheating (all angles are covered here!)
  • Appreciating your Momma
  • Remembering the good times
  • Working through the bad times

And that really got me thinking about the impact of music on our emotions. So here’s a little “pretend” story to help you understand what I mean.

Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy, too. Boy sends girl a link to a song and says it makes him think of her. So she listens to said song over and over again, burning the song to a disc so she can listen in her truck (or car), setting it as a ringtone on her phone, and just enjoying every second of listening to the song.

Then boy hurts girl. They stop speaking. Now that song comes on the radio and hits her right in the heart. It makes her think of what he said. How every lyric seemed to fit their feelings. How the music made her happy, but now it makes her sad. Then girl hears songs on the radio that make her think of the boy. Then there’s also songs about the betrayal she feels because of how things ended. And these songs eat away at her. They make her wish she could go back to those times. Back to that boy. Even after the hurt, she wants him.

How is it that every damn song on the radio makes that girl think of that boy? Then the girl wonders how many times he has thought the same thing about her. Then girl wants to see the boy, or talk to him, or even find out where the hell he’s been. Then girl seems like a stalker for riding by his house! Remember, this is all pretend!


How do these song writers know exactly what to write to make these songs so connected to our emotions? And it’s like every single lyric fits? Has anyone else considered this? What is one song that really hits you in the heart? One that seems to never stop hurting even years later? One whose lyrics fit the situation? One whose melody drives you crazy? And makes you think of that one person you used to know. And it hurts. But you torture yourself anyway and listen to it over and over.

I do that all the time. Apparently I’m a glutton for punishment. From that opening note until it fades at the end, I listen to that damn song over and over. I know every word. Hell, I even know every time the artist takes a breath during the song!!

And, full disclosure, it’s not just one song. It’s several. It’s like the entire relationship from start to finish had a soundtrack. From the early on flirting to the eventual end, there’s a song for everything. Many of which he sent! So of course I think he’s probably thinking of me too. Of course I know damn well he still listens to that first song. Unless he stopped listening to country. Ha. Maybe for a little while. But it always brings you back. That’s what good music does. It brings you back. Back to the moments of your life when music was all you had. Back to the moments when you thought you had so much, only to learn it was all made up.

Hell, now there’s even a song by Blake Shelton that talks about “that song”. Ya know, the one you can’t get away from. The one that makes you think of that special someone. If you’d like, you can listen to that by following the link here.

If for any reason, that guy reads this, perhaps he will come across it on the internet, I’d say, “too bad you weren’t a better man” (which is also a country song, folks). If you were a better man, I would not be hurting years later…because nothing would have ever happened between us. But you weren’t a better man, and things happened. However, you didn’t “Stay” (also a song!). And now I have been through years of trying to heal a broken heart. But I’m getting “Stronger” (are you seeing a theme here, folks?).

Well, I’m outta here for now. Good night! Cheers!

**Edit: If you’re wondering what you did, you did this. Yeah, that’s a song too, people! LOL. Follow these links I’ve shared with you. Listen to the music. Break out the wine or the whiskey. Let yourself get lost in the music.

***Additional edit: I used to love you sober. (Google it).


3 Replies to “Country Songs: The Real Struggle”

  1. There are lots of songs that make me feel certain ways about certain people. I will admit though that Taylor Swift would be my soundtrack for relationships though. Currently, I am sad that I can not listen to ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri… it was always ‘our song’ and now it just hurts, which sucks because it is a beautiful song! And how am I suppose to watch Twilight without crying when I hear it at the end now?

    I think artists just have a way to relate these feelings because they’ve been there. They have songs that remind them of people.

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  2. There are two country songs that resonate with me: Conway Twitty’s Daddy don’t walk so Fast. I use to listen to it endlessly when my parents first split up. The second one I never Promised you a Rose Garden by Loretta Lynn. It was my amma’s favorite. I never listen to Country when I am sad though because all the songs can break my heart.

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