From My Patio

I see so many things from my patio: traffic going by on the highway and the street that runs parallel to the highway. I see people walking, riding bikes, running, and just minding their own. I often wonder what they see as they pass by. Do they see the time and effort I put into my small garden? Do they see a friendly neighbor that they’d like to meet? Or are they oblivious to my existence? For the most part, I love sitting outside “people watching”. 

The neighborhood​ has its down side though. The drug activity, the domestic disputes, and lately the live Jerry Springer episodes. Lol. I understand we all have our problems, but we don’t have to make them public. Some things are not meant to be community news, folks. And the drugs. Oh man. I cannot understand how the cops don’t catch these people. They are so blatantly obvious when they are dealing or even smoking it in the parking lot. 

Look, I’m an advocate for legalizing marijuana. (It’s just a damn plant.) However, there are boundaries. For one, it’s not legal yet. Not for recreational use. Stop standing out in the wide open rolling blunts and passing em around. Two, stop smoking it near kids!! They don’t need their minds affected by any drugs. Let them maintain some semblance of innocence in a world where kids grow up too fast. 

If someone wants to break the law, fine. It’s not my business. That is until my kids see it. They see these people breaking the law with no consequences. Is that really the lesson we need to teach our children?? That they can do as they please, regardless of laws, regardless of who is impacted, and regardless who sees it. 

I wish I could clean up the neighborhood. I truly do. As I stated in a previous post, I do want to help my community. We could start with simple things. Like not exposing the children to this activity. Too bad many of these neighbors won’t give a damn about my thoughts. 


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