Shadows Cast

Shadows cast by the street lamps. 

Trying hard to catch his glance. 

A moment since he arrived.

But only moments left til he leaves. 

Bold and brazen he showed up. 

She hung her head low when she knew. 

He didn’t come to give her love.

He didn’t just show up out of the blue. 

He arrived with a purpose. 

To bring news of what he was feeling.

His heart wasn’t hers, after all. 

His revelation left her reeling.    

Her strength is fake and fleeting. 

She hoped to be wiser after this meeting.

She let him leave without a fight. 

She knew all along it wasn’t right.    

She said goodbye to a heart that night. 

A broken soul that would never be alright. 

It was her heart that drove away. 

When he stated he couldn’t stay.

©KRuchalskiWriter 2017

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