Feeling Optimistic

So, I had my job interview yesterday (Friday). It could be weeks before I hear due to the hiring process at this state agency. However, when the hiring manager saw my degree, he pointed out that I would be better suited for different positions rather than the one for which I was interviewing… So now I’m feeling pretty optimistic about getting a job using my degree while also furthering my professional involvement in my field. 

Recently, my university came under fire because people that graduate from my program are not finding gainful employment. Is that the school’s fault? Or is it the fault of the graduates? I personally feel it is up to each individual person to make the best of their education and degree. It is their responsibility to go out there and find the jobs for which they are qualified. Things will not just fall in your lap. You have to get out there and present yourself to the world.
I find it odd that people spend a fortune on education then they do not even use it! I intend to put my degree to great use. I am confident in my abilities and I know that I have much to offer the world because of my degree program. I am looking forward to sharing more with all of you.


7 Replies to “Feeling Optimistic”

  1. There are many reasons that people do not use their degree
    It is very easy for some to say that people spend a fortune on degrees and do not use it ! Let me tell you some
    some realize that degree is not their calling
    Some are oppressed by their relatives
    Some just got that degree because their peers did it or society pressure
    Some realize its not the degree but the street smarts that matter in end


    1. I was taking that “never use them” comment from the perspective of close friends and family members that have done so. My father obtained the same degree that I just completed. Yet chose to never use it. My brother worked on a degree program and doesn’t use the information and did not even finish the degree. I speak from what I’ve seen. I’m sure there are various reasons, not listed by either of us, that keep people from using their education. Hence, in a later post I discussed why earning a degree later in life is more beneficial than immediately out of high school.


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