“The Benefits of Graduating from College Later in Life”

“The Benefits of Graduating from College Later in Life” https://medium.com/@kruchalskiwriter/the-benefits-of-graduating-from-college-later-in-life-6ef93691c953

If you would, please go check out my blog post on medium. It is very dear to my heart. When you finish, if you liked it, please let me know here on WordPress. Thanks everyone.

3 Replies to ““The Benefits of Graduating from College Later in Life””

  1. I agree. At 18 I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do… well actually no I wanted to be an actress but I didn’t get accepted into the theatre conservatory I applied to. But other than that I had no idea and school didn’t particularly hold my interest. Even now at nearly 26 I’m not entirely sure what I want to do… but whatever it is I want to enjoy doing it. I have tons of friends who immediately went and finished college after graduating… only a handful are actually using their degree. The rest aren’t able to find jobs in that field… which is also another problem. So they end up taking jobs they don’t want to pay off that student debt or they go back to school for something else. But I’m getting off topic… I agree it’s more satisfying accomplishing it later in life when you’re enduring the real world as well. And of course seeing your children be proud of you is also a warm feeling 🙂

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