Good Things Come to Those Who…

Do things for themselves! Ah, I bet you thought I was going somewhere else with that, didn’t ya? Well I have completed my degree (Wooohoooo!) and I’ve been applying like crazy for a new job. I upgraded my blog so I now have a domain name (Yay me!). And the novel is coming along quite well. I have some great ideas to make this like no other novel you’ve read before! No, seriously though, it’s going to be awesome. 

Well, I’m just checking in to ask you guys to support me in a few things. 

  • Can you please check out my book of poetry on Amazon? It’s even on Kindle! If you read it, please leave a review.
  • Can you also head over to my new website and sign up for my mailing list? I promise no spam, just updates on the novel I’m writing.
  • And could you also think good thoughts for me as I prepare for an interview next week? It’s one of the jobs I’ve been hoping for!

Thanks for all of the support!


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