Why I Write

I recently read a post on another blog platform regarding the reasons people write. Of course I read about the reasons we all know, such as for money, for fame, or as an outlet for mental health. But reading the post and the quotes shared, I began thinking of why I write.

I cannot pinpoint a single reason, as it has become part of who I am. I can, however, pinpoint the moment I realized writing helped me make sense of the jumbled thoughts in my head. It was almost 20 years ago when I lost my very best friend. He was my 15 year old boyfriend. At 13 years old, that impacted everything I would do in life from then on out. A friend had started writing poems to help her get past the pain of losing him. I took her advice and gave it a try.

And do you know what? I still have that same voice! My methods of writing poetry have not changed. My rhythm is similar in I’d say 98% of my poetry. I’ve never studied the technical terms for poetry. I do, however, remember a few things from elementary school. My point is, I didn’t need to study all the fancy terms and this poet and that poet. I wrote because I was a poet. I still am a poet.

I write to explain my views on things, big and small. I write to deal with pain. I write to share my happiness. You can essential say that I write because the sun shines, but I also write because it doesn’t. Life is a bunch of ups and downs, we all know that. I write because the world of letters helps to explain the world of visions.

Truth or fiction, it doesn’t matter. I write because it helps me connect with people and it helps me deal with losing people that may have severed those connections. It helps me show the ones I love just how much they mean to me. It also helps me shed my tears through writing about the ones I’ve lost.

Now I write for money, because apparently I can. I have no idea if it will become a lucrative career, but I know that I am happiest when I write. I write because I can. In this world where everything seems to be regulated by this agency or that law, I write because I was given this right. I write because too many people fought and died to give me this right. I write because I have so much to say. I write because there are people out there, although maybe only a few, that enjoy my words.

I’ve been told a few times that my words take people to the place I’m describing. That my words transport them into those times, those feelings, and those settings. So, then, my words are needed in this world. To help take those people from the world that makes no sense to a world where they can dream. My words are a method to the madness all around us.

And so, I write.


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