Walk Away J

Watching you walk away was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. 

I knew you had to do it, I knew the day would come.

I knew you didn’t love me. Not the way you should.

I was just something to fill the time, an outlet for your desires.

I was nothing more than a fling, easy to toss aside. 

But did you ever think of how that made me feel?

Did you ever once shed a single tear?

Because I could fill that pond with the tears I cried for you.

I never asked for anything, not money and no jewels.

I simply wanted you, your smile, and those eyes.

I longed for one more kiss, but knew I’d just want more.

I have to let you go now. 

The decision was made long ago.

I’m no longer holding on to the fairy tale or the visions of forever.

I’m letting go and moving on.

So please, if you care at all, get the hell out of my dreams.

© KRuchalskiWriter 2017

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