What Now?

So, I realize I’ve been slacking off in the writing department. Seriously slacking. And it truly makes me feel guilty. Will you all forgive me?

I have been trying hard to get freelance writing jobs and it’s proving to be difficult. Many places want someone with a certain amount of experience, which I understand. But how does one get experience if nobody gives them a chance? There must be some way!

I’ve decided to just work on all of the random ideas that are floating around in my head. I’m hoping that if I publish enough about many different subjects, I may get noticed. 

Coming soon: 

  • Personality Tests and How They Impact Hiring
  • Charged with Sex Crimes: Were There Signs?
  • More excerpts​ from my novel
  • A few poems, perhaps the beginning of another book
  • Diving into Politics: Making Sense of it All
  • Excercise Advice for those with Chronic Pain

I will be around. See ya soon.


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