Novel, Novel….Where are you?

Ha! There you are you sneaky little bugger! I’ve got you now.

That’s right folks. This girl is back in her groove! I cannot wait to get more added, but I’m quite pleased with what I have done so far tonight. Do you realize I wrote more of my novel tonight than I have the past 2 months?!?! It is probably going to snow, people. Well, I just wanted to check in and let you all know that I am back at it. More excerpts to come soon. But I can’t give it all away, then you all wouldn’t go buy my book.

Speaking of buying my book….Did you know I published a book of poetry lately? Visit my home page, check out the side bar (right side) and follow the link. Once there, click on add to cart, then checkout. After putting in your method of payment, Amazon will ship it to you right away!

Good night lovelies!


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