The Day Needs More Hours!

Good morning all,

I wish there were more hours in a day! We all wish for that, don’t we? I feel like no matter how hard I try to plan, I can never accomplish all that I set out to do each day. Between school work, my new freelancing gig, and my family, I have about 4 hours not filled with anything. And if it’s okay, I’d like to sleep during that time!

I have not had any time for writing my novel and not a bit of time for my blogs. Which hurts my heart. These things are important to me. Sadly, I cannot focus on them as much as I would like. Who knew transcribing audio files would take up so much time?!?!

I’m doing what I have to do, however, to make a little extra cash. Kids are damn expensive little creatures, aren’t they? Love their hearts!But it’s Christmas, so all other things take a back burner while I ensure they have what they want.

Maybe book sales will rise soon. Perhaps people are now telling their friends, who are telling other friends. Or perhaps the number I’ve sold now will be it. Perhaps the sales are done. I will have to accept that. And ya know what? I’m pretty proud of my accomplishment. I can actually say I’m published. Even if it was self-published, it still counts in my book!

Well I better get to my to-do list. I will probably only complete half of it anyway. Cannot waste any more time!


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