Suggestions Needed

In a recent post I discussed the need for digging up the past in order to write my novel. I was speaking quite figuratively. However, the universe had other plans. Tonight I ran into a former co-worker who may have a job offer for me. A job offer to go back to the very place of my past I have tried to avoid. Well it’s not so much the place, but a person I met there that I have tried to forget. The person that broke my heart.

Now, that person is no longer there. And I may have the opportunity to work very close to home, bankers hours, and better pay than my previous job. Hell at this point any job is better than no job, am I right?

Would you take the job if offered? Would you go back to the past? I think I know the answer. Of course I should take a job, any job, at this point. Here it is a month away from Christmas and I’m an unemployed, aspiring writer, with 3 kids. And perhaps going back there will really assist me with writing the novel. Anything is possible, right?

Ok, so maybe I don’t need suggestions, but validation. I need to hear from other people that they would take the job regardless of the emotional baggage it may dredge back up.


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