Morning Ramblings

Good morning beautiful people! I hope you are having a wonderful morning thus far. I apologize for my absence this weekend, but sickness is kicking my butt!!

Book sales are going up, slowly but surely. When I first let my facebook friends know that I had published a book, one friend stated that he would buy it as soon as it was available on kindle. So now that it is, I went on facebook and tagged that friend in a comment letting him know that it was now available for purchase on kindle. Moments later he replied that he bought it! See how quickly things can happen? Just like that I sold another book. This morning I looked and I have sold another copy of the paper back.

I’m not sure who it was, but I’m sure it’s because of self promotion of my book. I do not have a marketing team, no publisher, and no big time names backing me. I am just a simple, small town girl promoting her book all on her own!

Today’s plan consists of writing a paper for college (only a few more months to my BS in Psychology). Then I would like to work on building my characters for my novel. I have some great dialogue ideas as well! Until next time, be kind, be loving, and keep on writing!!


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