Book Sales: What I’m doing right!

Evening lovely people! So I decided to annoy the crap out of my friends again on facebook. Another humorous status to attempt to sell my book. Guess what! It worked. At least a little. I sold two more this evening! I’m no New York Times Bestseller, but I’m selling freakin’ books!!!

Not to mention, I am getting great compliments on the book. From cover design to content, people are loving it! Not to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT!!! HAHAHA. Sorry. I’m feeling pretty proud though. The cover art is my photo and all content, of course, is mine. It’s all my work and I’m earning money from it. So that means I can do it. I can live my dream.

Log cabin…..fireplace crackling…..lake behind my house….mountains in the distance…. Yeah, my dreams are closer than I realize. Time to get this novel written.

See ya later, maybe.


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