Late Night Thoughts: Book Sales

So as all of my friends and family receive their copies of my book in the mail, they are taking pics of the book and posting it to facebook. My aunt (Dad’s sister), who was the first to receive hers, even wrote a long review and rave of my book on fb, which included the names of her 3 favorite poems. Tonight, my uncle (Mom’s brother) posted photos to show that he had received his copy and even a picture of his favorite poem. Friends, some that I have never actually met in person, are supporting my dreams along with my family.

However, something just hit me tonight. These people, from all walks of life, are finding something they enjoy within my writing. I am touching the hearts of young, old, male, female, American, Canadian, and the list goes on!! That is so incredible to me!

Yes, I know that family may be biased. But they could just write a simple note saying they got it and even lie and say they loved it. These lovelies are finding something in this book that brings back feelings in themselves. Feelings that they may have felt were only their own.

It sometimes helps, as people, to know we are not alone. It helps to see that others feel the same things, good and bad. It puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? It sure has for me.

Good night all.


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