“That’s so cliché”. Why is that a bad thing? Sure we all want to be extraordinary and original. But seriously. We’re writers. We write. We may have our own styles, our own methods. But in the end, what is it we seek? What are we all after? We have these blogs to get our work out there, to be recognized, and one day maybe be published. Some bloggers wish to be household names. We all wish for fame of some kind. Or maybe to finally write that one thing that brings the big payday.

And then what? Personally, I want to be able to make a living writing. To sit in my log cabin, sipping my coffee, while typing away at my latest best seller. I pause to look out my large bay window. I see an eagle flying over the picturesque lake behind my house. In the distance, snow capped mountains fill the horizon. My fireplace crackles as my husband adds another log to the fire.

Doesn’t that sound lovely? It does to me! Perhaps a little bit like what you would see on a movie or a TV show. Perhaps a little of what you would expect for a famous writer.

Well, I would give anything to be that “cliché”.


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