A piece of my work….

Good morning all,

I wanted to share a piece of my novel that I’m working on. Perhaps you could provide some constructive criticism. Or even praise would be nice! Here it is:

As the November breeze whisked its way through the pines, Carly sat in deep reflection. How could something so brief, so fleeting, leave such a lasting impact on her? She knew better than to think he would ever come back to her. She knew she would need to eventually move on and forget about him. Or at least not be consumed daily by the thoughts of those moments they shared. Carly wrapped herself tightly in her tan, knit cardigan and continued to watch the leaves dance downward from the trees. How gracefully they danced on the air as they headed almost hesitantly for their final resting place. How did they let go so easily? How did they not fight to hang on? Were they weeping as they fell to the cold, hard ground? Or did they look forward to a new way of life?

Let me know what you think!


4 Replies to “A piece of my work….”

      1. Immersing readers as deep into the setting as possible is very necessary, & u excel at it… It’s like wanting to be able to close your eyes & see the leaves, feel the wind, it really grabs a hold of the reader…. Great!!

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