Where Do I Begin?

So poetry has always been my strong point, my go to, my escape from reality. But over the last year I decided that I wanted to start writing a novel. Easier said than done!!! Between 3 kids, college, work, clubs, extracurricular activities with the kids, etc. there just isn’t much time for writing. And how does one even begin? How does a great novel get started? Sure, it would be ideal to write for a living. It would be a dream come true to spend my days in front of the fireplace, wrapped in a comfy sweater, sipping coffee, typing away at my latest best seller while being able to financially provide for my children. But let’s face it, that’s probably not going to happen!

But what if it could? What if I could turn this dream into a reality? Where do I begin? Character development? Plot? Time frame? Does anyone know? Is there some “How To” book for writers? Hahaha. That seems silly, because who writes those books? If anyone knows of any websites or tutorials, please share! If you could point this lost soul in the right direction, it would be much appreciated!

Much love,


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