Heart Break

How long can one heart break? How much time is this supposed to take? To forget his eyes? To stop craving his kiss? Why is he the one I miss? Why can’t I just move on? I know our past is over and gone. Why does he still haunt my dreams? Why do I long for sleep? For the slim chance that he will be there. Smiling down at me while he touches my hair. Holding me in those strong arms. Kissing me with those lips. Hands tugging at my hips.Pulling me in deeper and deeper.Making me fall harder and harder.Why can’t I let him go? Why does this yearning continue to grow? Because that is love. And that is what love does. It holds onto your heart. It haunts your dreams. It brings back old memories with the simplest of things. Love is quite possibly the greatest and worst feeling one can experience.

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