Leap of Faith

How do you take a leap of faith? How do you step outside of your comfort zone and face possible rejection? Years and years of writing, only sharing with my closest friends and family, have led me here. Staring at a blinking cursor trying to decide what I really want to say. I could go on and on with cliches and motivational quotes backing my reasons for being here. Simple fact is, I enjoy writing. From poetry to novels to rants on social media, I want my voice heard. I want to reach an audience greater than I ever knew possible from this small town on the east coast. Blogging seems to be the best start.

I do not know how many followers I will have, if any. And I won’t claim to be some amazing writer. I have much to learn. What I do have is passion! Passion for free speech. Passion for family. Passion for higher education. Passion for living in a more positive way. So follow me as I embark on this new journey. Criticize me if you must. I can’t improve if I never know what I’m doing wrong.

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