In Search of Sunshine…..

Everyone, and I mean everyone, will be faced with issues in their lives when they just have to trust their own instincts. Nobody knows everyone’s story. And nobody needs to. I cannot fathom why so many people feel the need to meddle in the lives of others. Do they not have enough of their own issues with which to be concerned? Why is destroying someone’s happiness pleasurable for others?

Yes, I know this is a post full of questions. But I’m getting to the good part. I promise!

I have learned in my 3 decades on this Earth that there are evil people in this world. Evil, soul crushing, creatures that walk the planet disguised as normal everyday people. You hear all the same things, “misery loves company” and “some people aren’t happy until they bring others down”. Well I call BS! If you aren’t happy in your world, well I feel bad for you. But it stops there. I will not allow unhappy, negative people to bring me down. I spent years unhappy. Miserable even. I made a promise to myself and my kids to make better choices that would lead to better outcomes. And I have done so. Leaving a terrible relationship a few years back. Finally going back to college to pursue my degree. I’m making all of my “dreams” my new reality. And although I never set New Year’s Resolutions, I decided this year that I would make a promise to myself. I have promised to be a more positive person. I have promised to be a more virtuous woman. Oh, that’s the kicker! When you live in small town America, you have been accused of the most horrible things. Granted, some may be true, but a majority is not. I want to be the woman that my God wants me to be. The best mother, sister, daughter, and friend possible.


Which is exactly what I’m doing. I am pursuing my dreams and taking care of my little family. The opinions of those outside of my circle only matter if they are positive. If a stranger wants to compliment my child’s excellent behavior in Walmart or someone leaves a nice (positive) comment on my (very new) blog, awesome! As for negativity, keep it moving.

Now I’m not saying the world will be all buttercups and sunshine, but my life will be. I will only allow clouds for so long before I go on a quest to find the elusive sunshine! Until next time, folks. Smile!


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